How a Volcano Created a Caribbean Underwater Paradise


Montserrat’s undersea gem

By Dana Niland
CJ Contributor

The devastating volcanic eruption that occurred 20 years ago in Montserrat had an unexpected effect: it dramatically altered the underwater landscape of the island of Montserrat, resulting in the growth and development of an accidental nature park.

Visitors to the island can spend an afternoon discovering its 13 miles of coastline, underwater scenery and sea life, which has had the chance to recover from the stresses of human interference.


Divers can venture to witness everything from colorful reef fish and sea plumes to stony ledges, spiny lobsters and copper sweepers.

The waters surrounding Montserrat are also home to dolphins, pipefish, eagle rays, green turtles and nurse sharks, among others.

For a full experience of what Montserrat has to offer, travelers can book an aquatic adventure with one of the island’s two watersports operators, Aqua Montserrat and Scuba Montserrat.


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