Why Roberto Alomar Went to the Bahamas

Roberto Alomar instructs coaches in Nassau

Is the Bahamas the next major breeding ground for MLB stars?

While baseball has been popular in the 700-island archipelago for some time, with a robust little league, Major League Baseball is now getting more deeply involved.

MLB held its first-ever coaching clinic in Nassau over the weekend, the first of its kind in the Bahamas.

Hall of Famer Roberto Alomar attended the clinic, along with Bahamian-native and MLB player Antoan Richardson and former MLB outfielder Ed Armbrister.

The clinic offered a two-day fundamental program and field practices at the Junior Baseball League of Nassau’s Field of Dream at St Andrew’s School.

The clinic is part of MLB’s wider coaching development efforts worldwide.

And it’s not a surprise that MLB would come to the Bahamas, given that it has produced a number of MLB players over the years. In fact, the Atlanta Braves were once rumored to be considering opening an academy on the island, similar to the kinds of academies many teams have in the Dominican Republic.

For more on baseball in the Bahamas, see the CJ video below:


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