The Caribbean’s Fastest-Growing Economy


What’s the fastest-growing economy in the Caribbean region?

Right now, it’s the Dominican Republic, which saw GDP growth of 6.6 percent in 2015, the highest rate in the region, according to new data from the United Nations Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean.

The region’s second-fastest-growing economy was St Kitts and Nevis, which had an estimated 5.2 percent increase in GDP, followed by Cuba at 4 percent.

The region’s slowest economies were Trinidad and Tobago, which saw growth of just 0.2 percent, and Dominica, which saw a contraction of 2.7 percent due to the damage caused by Tropical Storm Erika.

As a whole, the Latin America and Caribbean region grew by just 0.2 percent, with the Caribbean sub-region reporting 1.6 percent annual growth in GDP.

For the full ranking of GDP growth in 2015, see the chart below:




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