How the British Virgin Islands Is Moving Towards Green Energy


A new approach

By Dana Niland
CJ Contributor

The British Virgin Islands is looking to move the territory’s direction toward green energy.

Government officials met with renewable energy leaders in the British Virgin Islands last week to discuss energy issues in the territory.

The workshop was a collaborative effort between the British Virgin Islands Electricity Corporation and the Ministry of Communications and Works.

Minister Mark Vanterpool said that the government is moving forward with reaching its goal for renewable energy and is introducing an energy policy.

“The overall aim of our Government’s Energy Policy is to diversify the way we produce our energy and reduce consumption of electricity by some 30 percent by the year 2023,” he said.

Vanterpool added that the government has made changes that will aid in reducing energy demand, and that residents and businesses should take their own initiative in energy conservation.

The Ministry is expected to put forth the comprehensive energy policy for the territory by April, at which point a second workshop will be held.

It also launched an educational campaign to inform the public on ways that the community can contribute to reducing the high demand on imported fossil fuels.

As the territory’s Phase V Development Program progresses, the government is asking its residents to follow four simple steps to reduce the demand: turn off lights and equipment when they are not in use, use the sunlight to brighten up a room whenever possible, replace old water heaters with energy efficient solar water heating system, and replace light bulbs with LED lights throughout your home and office.

The British Virgin Islands was the scene of the major green energy conference convened by Sir Richard Branson in 2014.


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