Jamaica Looking for More Tourism Investment By Jamaicans


Jamaican Tourism and Entertainment Minister, Dr Wykeham McNeill is calling for Jamaicans to grasp the various investment opportunities available in the island’s tourism sector.

Speaking at the opening of the Melia Braco Village in Trelawny, McNeill said the investment climate for investors was right and that Jamaicans should come forward with their projects and ideas.

“I want to see Jamaicans and Jamaican companies getting involved in investing in tourism,” he said. “I want to see Jamaicans taking advantage of the opportunities that exist in tourism to make money and to profit.”

He also said he was upbeat over recent developments in the tourism sector, especially the opening of reopening of a number of properties in recent weeks.

“In the last 6 weeks, this is the third property that we are opening in Jamaica that is under total rehabilitation or is new. I think it’s a tremendous achievement for Jamaica,” he said.

McNeill noted that the project was completed on time and within its $23.5 million budget.

— Dana Niland


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