Where Canada’s Justin Trudeau Stayed in Nevis


While the location of Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s vacation to St Kitts and Nevis was not announced during his stay for obvious reasons, it’s now been revealed: the Paradise Beach boutique villa resort in Nevis.

In a boon for the relatively new property, Trudeau and his family stayed at the seven-villa resort.

Each of the villas includes its own pool, kitchen and large living room and dining room.


“Security was incredibly tight. His visit was kept hush, hush, so most people didn’t realize the Canadian PM and his family were staying with us,” the property said on its Facebook page. “The resort didn’t peep a word so most people were unaware of who it was.”

The resort is new in Nevis, having opened its doors last year.


Trudeau left a note before departing.

“Canada is a longstanding ally of St Kitts and Nevis and we feel that the fact that he chose St. Kitts and Nevis demonstrates that Canada is still a good friend and so for our purposes it is a good springboard to engage in further discussions with Canada as we try to deepen and widen our relationship,” said Nevis Tourism Minister and St Kitts and Nevis Foreign Minister Mark Brantley.

Trudeau was sworn in as Canada’s new Prime Minister in November.