Chef Franck Mear of Le Pressoir in St Martin

The Caribbean’s Best Chef – 2015

By: Caribbean Journal Staff - December 28, 2015

With the increasing culinary might of the Caribbean region, this was not an easy choice.

From Anguilla to Puerto Rico, Grand Cayman to St Martin, there are culinary hubs around the Caribbean, places that put a premium on food, where local flavors combine with global inspiration.

And these places are home to world-class chefs offering their visions on what makes an unforgettable meal.

That’s why we’re proud to name Chef Franck Mear of Le Pressoir in St Martin as the Caribbean’s best chef for 2015.

Mear, who came to St Martin from Brittany 16 years ago, has all the attributes of a great chef: cutting -edge technical skills, a playful spirit and, perhaps most importantly, understands that a great restaurant is not just about food — it’s about ambience and service — they are all part of the equation, all part of the culinary canvas for a great chef.


Mear’s Le Pressoir is a symphony of great food, taking the culinary techniques from France to the ingredients of the French Caribbean — and vice versa, from creme brulee of foie gras to miraculously prepared slipper lobster.

It’s clear that, simply put, that Mear is a culinary genius.

“Food is life,” Mear tells Caribbean Journal. It’s that kind of thinking that earns him The Caribbean’s Best Chef for 2015.


— CJ

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