Dreaming of Saba Rock


Dreaming of nights on a tiny rock in the British Virgin Islands

By Sarah Greaves-Gabbadon
CJ Travel Editor

It’s only one square-acre, a tiny spit floating in the British Virgin Islands’ North Sound. But Saba Rock is on my list of places to visit in 2016.

I want to spend a long weekend cozying in one of its eight stylish rooms, all recently revamped in contemporary style.

I want to wake up and practice my sun salutations with the mirror-flat ocean as my witness and gliding seagulls for company.

I’ll while away my days in, on, and by the sea, paddle-boarding; swimming; snorkeling; perhaps just lazing in a comfy chair by the water’s frothy edge.


I’ll indulge myself with lobster burgers and frozen mojitos at high-top table in the waterfront restaurant, as I watch the sound’s comings and goings.

At happy hour, I’ll join the throng of curious day sailors to watch tarpon converge at the main dock, where they’re hand-fed chunks of mahi-mahi to the delight of adults and children alike.

Afterward, I’ll toast to this singular spectacle with my new friends, our bonds cemented over potent Bushwackers and fruity Pina Coladas.

And when the sun goes down and the day finally comes to a close, I’ll retire to my sweet retreat and dream of doing it all again tomorrow.

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