Caribbean Airlines Has a New Reservation System


Trinidad-based Caribbean Airlines has announced the upgrade of its reservations and ticketing system.

The company has moved its system to Amadeus technology, it said in a statement.

The next phase of the technology shift, which extends to the airline’s airport check-in, will likely be complete by March 2016.

“This upgrade marks the start of a new era for Caribbean Airlines,” said George Reeleder, Caribbean Airlines vice president for commercial and customer service. “These improvements to our system will positively affect our customers travel experience. Some of the direct benefits include: Faster & easier web check-in; Simpler ways to buy tickets, pay for upgrades & other services; Real-time information on reservations & flight changes; Self-serve, user friendly airport kiosks at Caribbean Airlines destinations.”

Caribbean Airlines said Amaedus’ technology “enables Caribbean Airlines to deliver its vision for an improved customer centric travel experience to better serves its customers.”

— CJ Staff