The Best Tour Guide in Dominica


You’ve been on a tour. You’ve probably been on a tour in the Caribbean.

And there are great tour guides around the region — ones who offer that extra insight, or take you to that place no one else seems to have heard of.

When you’re in Dominica, that’s Devon Greenaway.

This energetic guide behind Dominica’s DG Tours is everything a tour guide should be: aware of his guests, aware of his surroundings and aware of the things that travelers want to see — not the things they want to be shown.

In Dominica, that means taking you the extra hike up Scotts Head, or showing you best kassava bread in the Kalinago Territory. Or bringing you somewhere like Calibishie Red Rocks, a place that you can visit Dominica five times without ever even hearing about.

And, like any good tour guide, he’s cautious when he needs to be, especially around Dominica’s famously winding roads, which demand an expert driver’s attention.

In short, Devon, who often gives the tours at Secret Bay, should be your tour guide on the Nature Island.

For more info visit DG Tours. 


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