Barack Obama’s Caribbean Restaurant


The Buck Stops Ici

By Alexander Britell

MARTINIQUE — Burst onto the scene in 2008, new, exciting, unprecedented.

Now, a part of history.

I’m talking, of course, about a seafood restaurant in Sainte Luce, Martinique, the one that shares its name with the president of the United States.

This is La Baraqu’Obama, the sprawling seafood joint that’s an always hopping Hub of energy on the main beachfront thoroughfare in this town in southern Martinique.

While it has its supporters (and probably few detractors), it’s quickly become an institution here, packed to the brim even on a weekday afternoon.

barack obama 3

So much so that when I asked if Obama’s election was the reason for the name, the woman at the counter said “it opened at the same time” as if the eatery’s importance made its namesake simply coincidental.

barack obama 2

Of course that isn’t the case – this is very much a celebration of America’s 44th president, with large posters straight out of a campaign.

But unlike politicians, this isn’t just talk — the seafood here is serious, from accras to conch to freshly grilled lobster.

obama 43

It’s a place that’s worth the trip down south, regardless of your party affiliation.

And the longer you sit here, after a few ti punches- it becomes clear that the president almost certainly was named after this place.