The 10 Most Exotic Places to Live in the Caribbean

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The Caribbean’s certainly exotic. But what you’re looking for a place that goes off-off the beaten path — the really exotic places, the ones with very few people and a lot of mystery? That’s where these little islands come in, some developed, others totally untouched. But they’re all equally far from convention — even by Caribbean standards. They’re not populous, but they’re not unlivable, either. These are the most exotic places to live in the Caribbean.


Little Cayman

The thing you notice landing here is that the runway is actually on a road, meaning oncoming traffic has to stop when planes land. That’s just the beginning of what makes this lovely, quirky little island in the Cayman Islands so wonderful. Set about 60 miles northeast of Grand Cayman, it has a year-round population of less than 200 people. So why not help grow it?

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