Every Caribbean Airport Needs to Start Doing This. Immediately.

Aruba's Reina Beatrix International Airport

It’s one of the best ideas to come to a Caribbean airport in a long time.

Aruba has announced the launch of a new digital embarkation and disembarkation card — meaning travelers can fill out their immigration card before they even leave for Aruba.

The new online version means visitors can visit www.edcarrdaruba.aw as soon as they book their flights — and it means expedited airport flow when they arrive.

Travelers can fill out the form as soon as they have booked, up to 48 hours before departing to Aruba.

Further, people who have visited Aruba more than once before or continue to return just have to update their ED card with new travel dates and details, as the system will save their basic info for future use.

The traditional paper card is available and still required if travelers don’t go the digital route.

“ATA and IASA are thrilled to be industry leaders with this time saving digital tool. Aruba’s tourism partners and local people are all committed to the continued enhancement of our One happy island,” said Ronella Tjin Asjoe-Croes, CEO of ATA. “Upon landing with their ED-card already completed, visitors will be further delighted to discover the Aruba’s Happy Flow program, designed to streamline and expedite the passenger process with enhanced digital airport checkpoints.”

Here’s hoping the rest of the Caribbean follows suit. Soon.


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