Carnival’s Fathom Brand Reveals Ship Details


Carnival’s new Fathom brand has unveiled some details of its onboard experience.

The company will be sailing its “social impact” cruises on the 704-passenger MV Adonia to both the Dominican Republic and Cuba.

The ship will include Ocean Grill, a specialty restaurant serving “authentic and modern Cuban and Dominican food,” along with a wine bar called the Glass House.

The cruises will include what the company’s calling “impact inclusive” experiences on board, including Spanish lessons, film series and music and dance.

As for the retail experience, Fathom says the ship will inlcude a collection of “beautiful, unique and authentic goods and merchandise from purpose-driven businesses that empower local entrepreneurs around the globe.”

There will be a “full-service onboard luxury spa” as well.

“One of the most important aspects of every Fathom voyage is the onboard experience before and after the on-ground activities because it combines a great community building environment and playground with a powerful educational venue,” said Tara Russell, president of Fathom and global impact lead for Carnival Corporation. “While our key mission is giving back, we also think helping to improve the universe should be the most fun you ever have. And we are dedicated to ensuring lively entertainment both onboard and when people are on ground. There will be time for swimming in the beautiful Caribbean water, surfing and enjoying local restaurants and nightlife, for example.”

Right now, the company is pricing Dominican Republic cruises starting at $974 per person, with Cuba cruises set to start at $1,800 per person.


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