Could Etihad or Emirates Fly to Guyana?

Emirates Etihad Guyana

Will some of the world’s best airlines soon come to Guyana?

That’s the hope, at least, following the signing of an air services agreement by Guyana and the United Arab Emirates.

The agreement was signed this week in Montreal, Canada, according to a Guyana government statement.

The signing of the deal allows for operations by airlines from either country, although no deal for the operations for flights by any carriers so far.

But Annette Ferguson, Guyana’s Minister within the Ministry of Public Infrastructure, said she was hopeful that at least one of either Emirates or Etihad would operate into “Destination Guyana.”

Emirates, for its part, has been expanding its reach, most recently announcing that it would begin flying what will be the world’s longest flight from Dubai to Panama City in February.

It’s not likely the carrier would enter a market like Guyana until the country significantly expanded its hotel offerings, however.

While Guyana recently saw the opening of a Marriott hotel in Georgetown, its hotel stock far lags the rest of the wider Caribbean region.

Guyana has been working to develop its nascent tourism sector, most recently unveiling a campaign that calls the country “South America Undiscovered.”


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