This St Barth Hotel Has a New Wellness Program


Wellness a la St Barth

By Dana Niland
CJ Contributor

St Barth’s Le Guanhani hotel is developing new programming in partnership with health and lifestyle expert Amy McDonald.

The program, part of the hotel’s 30th anniversary celebration, will kick off February 4-7, 2016 with its first ever Wellness Weekend led by renowned yogi and meditation expert Dave Romanelli.

“Wellness is a growing travel trend that aligns with our philosophy and mission of offering guests fun, interactive and uplifting experiences,” said Martein Van Wagenberg, Managing Director of Le Guanahani. “This Wellness Weekend is a terrific way to take a break from the cold winter and kick off our 30th anniversary-a milestone we’re excited to celebrate with our guests.”

The three-night event will offer a refreshing experience for guests in addition to accommodations on Le Guanahani’s own private peninsula.

“Most of us are so tech-addicted that it’s hard to unplug and truly, deeply enjoy a vacation,” added Dave Romanelli. “The Wellness Weekend at Le Guanahani will pull that plug by offering guests a getaway rich in meditation to deepen the unwinding process, highlight the senses, and experience beauty, happiness and relaxation as it should be. The mindfulness tools and skills guests will learn will last well beyond their time in St. Barth.”

Before guests begin their trip, they will take part in an online meditation series to prepare them at home for the relaxation to come.

Once they arrive, Romanelli will guide them through sensory-inspired meditations based on his Meditate ON series, focused on slowing down, awakening the senses, and filling one’s mind with positivity and peace.

Guests will also enjoy culinary treats throughout the experience created by Executive Chef Nicola de Marchi, such as warm Caribbean dark chocolate with a gingerbread and foie gras lollipop and organic wine tastings.


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