Rum Journal: A Very Rare, Very Old, Very Good Caribbean Rum


There aren’t many rums like this.

This is La Flibuste, the pride of the La Favorite distillery outside of Fort de France in Martinique.

It is, simply, a special rhum agricole.

Since 2007, La Favorite has been bottling 30-year-old single-year vintages, dating back to 1977.

That means that every year, a new 30-year edition is produced, named after a flibuste, or a pirate attack.

It’s set in a beautiful bottle that has the appearance and shape of something that’s been waiting for three decades to be consumed.

It is a spectacular rum — rich, velvety, chocolatey, unforgettable. It feels like something that spent 30 years in a barrel aging in the Caribbean, and that is a wonderful thing.

It is one of the oldest rums on the market — except you have to go to Martinique (or a few corners of mainland France) to find it.

At the distillery, it retails for $100. So why not come and do your shopping direct?

See the latest video for more information, as we talk to Emmanuelle Parent, marketing director at the distillery: