Rum Journal: The Rum Awards 2015

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Best Spiced Rum: Siesta Key Spiced Rum

The first time we announced the Rum Awards, a certain upstart rum from Florida, not from the Caribbean, took the crown. Since then, Siesta Key has swept the Rum Awards’ Best Spiced Rum category every year, last year with its Distiller’s Reserve. And this year is no different, except that this year we return to the rum that started it all: Siesta Key Spiced Rum, the company’s flagship expression. It’s quite smooth, made from Florida sugar cane and distilled in a copper pot still. It’s simple, rooted in natural spices and, most importantly for a spiced rum, uniquely sippable. This distillery in Sarasota has set a standard for spiced rums around the world, and has also shown the world that America is producing some rather good rums of its own. 2015 makes it four years in a row. Cheers, Siesta Key.

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