St Kitts Looking to Strengthen Yachting Sector


By the Caribbean Journal staff

St Kitts is looking to strengthen its yachting sector, the country said this week.

The push will be driven by the country’s luxury Christophe Harbour Marina.

“We are a well-established tourism destination—our location of St Kitts and Nevis makes it an easy stop and a natural extension of the itineraries of the yachters,” said St Kitts and Nevis Tourism Minister Lindsey Grant. “We have strong private sector investment in the construction and provision of mariners, slips and berths as evidenced by the Christophe Harbour Marina. The Urban Development Cooperation operates a small marina with 32 berths for which there is high demand by the visiting yachters.”

But it is only through “creativity and innovation that the industry will be propelled into the lucrative sector that it has the potential to be,” he said.


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