A Beach Bagel Shack in Aruba


A few steps from Aruba’s ultra-wide, impossibly-white Manchebo Beach is New York.

Well, not quite New York, but a slice of it.

It’s a little shack of a place off just off Manchebo, one you might drive or walk right by if you didn’t know better. But if you’re looking for a warm, laid-back Aruban breakfast, this is the place.


Dushi Bagels (Dushi is the Papiamento work for “sweet”) has become something of an institution in this strip off the island’s widest stretch of sand, New York-style bagels making for a wonderful Aruban breakfast.


It’s been here nearly 15 years, an outpost of the Panaderia Moderna bakery that’s been serving Oranjestad since 1932.

Are these the best bagels in Aruba?


Well, there’s something about Manchebo Beach that makes a bagel that much better.

— CJ