This Caribbean Country Is Adding Solar Street Lights


By Dana Niland
CJ Contributor

Guyana says it is developing a number of initiatives dedicated to the use of renewable energy sources.

The Ministry of Finance’s 2015 mid-year report indicates that the latter half of the year will see the installation of photovoltaic systems, as well as the implementation of pilot projects in the installation of solar street lighting.

The country also said that the Inter-American Development Bank — a key stakeholder in the Amalia Falls Hydroelectric project — has indicated that due to excessive risk it will not proceed with funding.

The Government is now developing plans for a comprehensive alternative energy matrix which will outline sustainable and alternative energy sources, as well as for the construction of small hydro-power sites in the areas of Moco Moco, Kato, and Tumatumari.

The solar project follows similar initiatives by an increasing number of regional countries, most notably St Kitts and Nevis.

— CJ

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