Jamaica’s Appleton Estate Is Making Changes


By Sarah Greaves-Gabbadon

Brace yourselves, Jamaican rum lovers, because there are about to be some changes to your favorite tipple.

Appleton Estate, distillers of Jamaican rum since 1749, is changing the nomenclature of three of its most popular blends. Appleton Estate Signature Blend is the new name for the Appleton Estate V/X; Appleton Estate Reserve Blend is the new name for Appleton Estate Reserve; and Appleton Estate Extra 12 Year Old will now be called Appleton Estate Rare Blend 12 Year Old.

According to the company, the new naming system – which is accompanied by new packaging  – “conveys the quality, care and passion that goes into producing these premium rums and emphasizes the crafted blends that fill each bottle.”

The changes are currently being rolled out worldwide and will be complete by the end of the year.


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