In One Puerto Rican City, Going Bananas for Gastronomy


By Dana Niland
CJ Contributor

A new initiative in the Puerto Rican city of Corozal looks to highlight the area’s main export — with a focus on gastronomy.

Sergio Luis Torres Torres, Mayor of Corozal has officially inaugurated Ruta Platanera, a new tourism initiative between the Municipality of Corozal and the Puerto Rico Tourism Company (PRTC), that aims to highlight the area’s local cuisine.

“The Puerto Rico Tourism Company is pleased to support this initiative to increase the gastronomic and tourism offerings of the island and is part of our strategy to promote niche markets on the island,” said Executive Director of the PRTC, Ingrid Rivera Rocafort.  “It also promotes economic development in the region.”

Ruta Platanera offers a variety of Puerto Rican dishes themed around Corozal’s main agricultural product– bananas.

It includes the following restaurants: The Jibaro, Willy’s BBQ, La Senda Manna, the pleasure Grill, Limo Viejo, El Tigre, La Generala, Don Blond, Wall Cibuco, Café Museum yagrumo, Restaurant La Guinea, Aki E Keta, El Rancho, Platanéalo, Balaika # 2 and Pa ‘Where.

The first Ruta Platana Gastronomic Festival will be held on Thursday, October 22, and will feature music and crafts in addition to a variety of culinary offerings.

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