Finding Home at St Thomas’ Bolongo Bay Beach Resort


A hotel called home

By Guy Britton

ST THOMAS — You can feel it the moment you arrive.

It’s about the guests. They’re all … so … happy.

That’s because at the Bolongo Bay Beach Resort, the hotel becomes more than that — it truly becomes a family. And it makes you a part of it.

And family is how this hotel happens.  Plainly, it’s the best family-owned and operated hotel in the Caribbean.


Today traveling can be difficult, even daunting. When you arrive at your destination you should be made to feel comfortable.

And at many hotels greeters say “welcome home.” But at Bolongo Bay, you really are home.


The Bolongo Bay Beach Resort has been home to the Doumeng family for over 40 years, where they have turned a “family feeling” into a management style and a way of life.

Above: Chef Viola Albert

Viola Albert, pictured above has been at this place for 44 years. And you can feel the pride that permeates the staff — they are all a part of making this place something special, and they all know it.


And then there is the food.

It is amazingly good.

Bolongo offers a great all-inclusive plan or room only rates.  On the all-inclusive plan you order all your meals off the menu from the Lobster Grill or at Iggies. And yes, you get lobster tails like these from the Lobster Grill on the all-inclusive plan.


The 74 rooms are clean, comfortable and well appointed.  And, best of all, the beachfront rooms mean you don’t have to walk for 15 minutes to get to the sand like too many Caribbean resorts.


Guests who stay five nights or longer on the all-inclusive plan get a free sunset cruise

You simply step you right onto the beach.  And isn’t that what you really want from a Caribbean beach hotel?



And then there is Iggies.

It is a word, and a bar, and a state of mind.

And it is another reason why everyone is so happy here.

Iggies is at one end of the beach and at the center of all the fun.  It just might be the best beach bar on St Thomas and it’s one of our favorite beach bars in the whole Caribbean.



Above: a Caribbean Sunset cocktail

This isn’t the Caribbean hotel you’re used to. It’s a home, and it’s a place that makes you feel like more than a guest.

And they do just about everything well here, whether you’re taking a day trip on the Heavenly Days catamaran or snorkeling and scuba diving or even getting married.


But at the end of the day, it’s pretty hard to stay away from Iggies. After one Caribbean Sunset cocktail, you won’t just feel like you’re at home.

You’ll be sure you’re ready to move here.

To book a stay at Bolongo Bay, click here.



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