UN: Haiti Taking “Resolute” Steps Toward Renewal of Democracy


Is Haiti’s political process moving forward?

By the Caribbean Journal staff

Haiti is taking “resolute” steps toward renewing its democratic institutions, according to MINUSTAH Chief Sandra Honore.

The United Nations’ top official in Haiti pointed to the first-round elections in the country in August as evidence that the country was “moving resolutely toward the reestablishment of institutional balance.”

After a period of delay, the country’s Electoral Council published the results of those elections on Sept. 27; according to the results, there were 10 contenders who won an outright victory for Senate and lower chamber seats.

Another 25 electoral districts will require reelections.

“Notwithstanding the efforts of the Electoral Council, the Government and the Haitian National Police (HNP), severe acts of violence and some technical irregularities invalidated the 9 August vote in 13 per cent of the country’s voting centres,” Honore said.

The country’s upcoming Oct. 25 elections will include the first round of presidential elections; second round legislative and municipal elections, along with the aforementioned constituencies requiring revote.

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