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Rum Journal: A Very Good New Rum From Grenada

The minute you leave the airport in Grenada, you notice something. There’s an aroma. The air there is different. It’s because of the spice.

Grenada is one of the world’s leading producer of Nutmeg, and it hasn’t just led to the nickname the Spice Isle. It’s given the island its own smell.

It’s a sweet, refreshing air, and it permeates the whole place.

It’s no surprise, then, that Grenada’s rum, too, has its own special taste.

While many larger islands get more rum attention, the Spice Isle has long carved a serious niche in rum production, led by more than two centuries of production at two main distilleries: the venerable River Antoine and Grenada Distillers.

The latter is the home of the new Six Saints Rum, which launched earlier this year in most markets in the US and includes the tagline: “The Righteous Spirit of the West Indies.”

It’s a small-batch rum aged in bourbon barrels, and the result is something rather righteous indeed.

Six Saints has a pale amber color, and a sweet aroma of brown sugar and candied fruit.

The flavor profile includes notes of candied fruit, cherry and bourbon.

The finish is smooth, but, at 41.7 percent ABV, peppery and robust.

The result is a very good rum, and an export that Grenada can be proud of.

— CJ

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