In Saba, a Chance to “Sea” and Learn


New focus on the island’s ecosystem

By Sarah Greaves-Gabbadon
CJ Travel Editor

Bats and whales and snakes; Oh my!

Visitors to Saba will have a chance to experience all three all in October, when the tiny Dutch-Caribbean island celebrates Environmental Awareness Month. Now in its 13th year, “Sea & Learn” features several educational activities led by visiting experts that are designed to raise awareness of the island’s ecosystem and the global environment. Three outings that caught our fancy:

Tagging along with “Batman” biologist Fernando Simal as he explores the island’s secret bat congregations and eavesdrops on their ultrasonic echolocation calls.

Venturing into the forest with venomous snake biologist Dr. William Heyborne to collect morphometric (size and shape) information for a database on Saba’s endangered Racer snake.

Heading to the lab with marine mammal biologist and engineer Kaitlyn Mullen to learn about whale “singing” and the wonders of whale encounters and underwater acoustics.

But it’s not all hard work. After a day of environmental exploration, participants can kick back at Happy Hour events on alternate nights at restaurants and bars all over the five-square-mile island, which will feature evening presentations paired with flavorful food and drink.