In Barbados, Solar-Powered Schools


A new project with Japan

By the Caribbean Journal staff

A new project in Barbados is adding solar power to some of the country’s primary schools.

The island’s government has partnered with Japan, with $121,818 in funding helping to procure and install solar photovoltaic systems at four primary schools.

The four schools are Charles F. Broome Memorial, Luther Thorne Memorial, Grantley Prescod and Good Shepherd Primary Schools.

“The erection of solar photovoltaic systems at schools was envisioned to accomplish multiple objectives, including the decrease in the schools’ electricity consumption; the provision of an emergency power supply during disasters; as well as a public awareness, educational and training component,” said Minister of State in the Office of the Prime Minister, Senator Patrick Todd.

The project first launched in Dec. 2012.

“After extensive discussions with the Japanese Government regarding the scope and details of the project, the Government of Barbados partnered with the Association of Primary School Principals, as this organization was identified as the non-governmental organization which would be the grant recipient,” Todd said.

The project is expected to benefit as many as 3,400 students.

The solar cells will result in a reduction of energy costs of between 10 percent and 30 percent.

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