A Secret Cigar Lounge in Grand Cayman


It’s just a few hundred miles from the Cayman Islands to Cuba.

And for years, that’s meant a great deal of Cuban cultural influence in the British Overseas Territory, from music to rum.

And it also means that Grand Cayman is one of the Caribbean’s cigar capitals.

While there are cigar stores and lounges scattered across the territory, there’s a new one that’s particularly intriguing.


It’s called Stogies Cigar Lounge, and it’s part of the Guy Harvey’s Restaurant complex on the harbour in George Town.

It’s set at the far corner of the building, and during the day you need to ask a server to let you in to the usually locked room.


But upon entering you find a sanctuary — a dark, clubby alcove stocked with a great collection of cigars, particularly Cohibas (including the famous Behike).

And the prices are as good as you’ll find in the region, too.

— CJ

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