How Colombia’s Agribusiness Sector Is Driving Economic Growth


A major force in the region

By the Caribbean Journal staff

Colombia’s agribusiness sector is playing a key role in the growth of the country’s economy.

With $192 million in exports to over 127 countries, the industry generates about 6.2 percent of the national GDP, and the National Statistics Department reports that exports in agribusiness grew by over 10 percent compared to 2013.

Colombia’s agribusiness growth has also helped to position it as a strategic partner in the Caribbean market.

Along with wide availability of land and water resources, Colombia’s location and climate allow for the production of a diverse range of fruits, vegetables, and flowers year-round.

Colombia also has 13 free trade agreements and three partial agreements that allow it access to over 45 countries and 1.5 billion consumers in markets including the United States, European Union, Brazil, Mexico, Chile, and Peru.

That’s led to the accumulation of than 16 shipping companies offering service to 56 ports across the Caribbean, including Caucedo, Kingston, Havana, Port of Spain, San Juan, and many others.


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