For Puerto Rico Tourism, a New Service Push


A new focus on service

By the Caribbean Journal staff

Puerto Rico is launching plan aimed at improving service in the country’s tourism sector.

The new Quality Service Program “encompasses several elements that make a difference in the reputation of a destination, such as cleanliness, how guests are treated, ability to satisfy guests’ needs and solving unexpected situations,” according to a statement.

“From day one as Executive Director of the Puerto Rico Tourism Company, I told myself that one of the main pillars of my work here would be enhancing the quality of our service through a program that would include all of our citizens in order to make a real difference in the experience lived by our guests, and today I can say with great pleasure that this program is ready for implementation,” said Ingrid Rivera Rocafort, executive director of the Puerto Rico Tourism Company. “Puerto Rico has great attributes: spectacular natural landscapes, impressive historical monuments and a rich cultural heritage, but there is no doubt that our best attribute is our people, who are widely known for their warmth and hospitality. Nonetheless, it is necessary to translate this attribute in a more effective manner and with our Quality Service Program we aim to provide our people better tools in order to take hospitality to the next level and encourage the arrival of more visitors.”

The PRTC said it had embarked on a “comprehensive research process” to develop the program, looking at three main areas: awareness, training and recognition.


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