At Jaanchie’s Restaurant, The Sound of Curaçao


Hearing (and tasting) Curaçao

By the Caribbean Journal staff

They gather here every Sunday. Here at Jaanchie’s, perhaps the most famous restaurant in Curaçao, a place that has been here for almost eight decades.

Set in a ranch-style building in the frontier town of Westpunt, Jaanchie’s is owned and operated by

It began in 1936, started by his father. Jaanchie Christian took it over in 1968 and has been serving authentic taste of the island (including curried iguana) ever since.

“I’m still doing my best to try to make people feel happy,” he says. “That’s Jaanchie’s.”

And the signature sound of Jaanchie’s is the Sunday band, Trio Impacto, led by Robert, Julio and Rawsal.

Hear them in the video below:


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