Guyana, Yachting Destination?


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By Dana Niland
CJ Contributor

Is Yachting a potential growth market for Guyana?

Guyana’s Minister of Tourism Catherine Hughes will make a presentation to members of the yachting community in Trinidad and Tobago this week, as a flotilla of yachts is expected in Guyana in three weeks.

According to a government statement, Hughes believes that the yachting industry may provide significant advantages in growing tourism in the country.

“We know it’s a small niche market but the reality is, given the effects of climate change, even the locations within Trinidad are finding that they are dealing with extreme weather conditions,” said Hughes. “Therefore Guyana has the potential to be a safe haven for individuals that have yachts, that are looking to park them, in a safe destination and in a safe location.”

The yachting industry has experienced growth worldwide in recent years due to the rise of new products and technologies that have made yachting more attractive to a wider demographic, the statement explained.

Hughes said she also already met with individuals who have expressed interest in developing a marina with Guyana’s Essequibo River, which would result in the creation of jobs in the areas of storage, refurbishing, cleaning, and maintenance services.

“I think it’s another avenue that has the potential to hire staff, train individuals and contribute to the industry as a whole,” she said.

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