Another New Caribbean Coral Nursery

More Caribbean coral is being grown in Bonaire.

The Coral Restoration Foundation Bonaire expands

By Dana Niland
CJ Contributor

Coral Restoration Foundation Bonaire has named Eden Beach as a new partner in creating and rebuilding coral nursery.

Over 80 Staghorn and Elkhorn coral colonies have been relocated to the area just north of the dock of Eden Beach, which now holds five new coral nursery trees.

The Wannadive staff will be responsible for maintaining the 500 new corals, offering guided and volunteer dives and serving as the outreach and education resource for Coral Restoration Foundation Bonaire.

The foundation welcomed the newest addition to the team plans to offer Coral Restoration Diver courses at Eden Beach beginning within the year.

The Coral Restoration Foundation already has reef restoration efforts at both the Buddy Dive Resort and the Harbour Village resort in Bonaire.