Undersea Caribbean Volcano Raised to Second-Highest Alert Level


Seismic activity leads to second-highest alert level

By the Caribbean Journal staff

A Caribbean volcano alert has come to the coast of Grenada.

The alert level has been raised to “orange” on the “Kick ‘em Jenny” submarine volcano in Grenada, following an increase in seismic activity, according to the University of the West Indies Seismic Research Centre.

The volcano is located about 5 miles north of Grenada.

“For the period since the 11th July a total of more than 200 micro and small earthquakes, of varying magnitudes, have been recorded, with the largest, prior to the strong signal, less than magnitude 3.0,” the UWISRC said.

On Thursday morning, a strong continuous signal was observed on instruments monitoring the volcano, the UWISRC said.

Orange is the second-highest warning level, meaning “Highly elevated level of seismic and/or fumarolic activity or other unusual activity.”

Divers have also reported degassing occurring off the west coast of Grenada in the Moliniere Sculpture Park area.

The UWI-SRC said the activity was being closely monitored.

The orange level is one below red, or full eruption; orange means eruption can begin with less than 24 hours notice.

The threat level rise means all regional governments have been alerted through disaster coordinators.

It also means that vulnerable communities are being advised of evacuation routes and transport has been put on standby.

All shipping is already being held outside the first exclusion zone, or about 1.5 kilometres from the summit. Non-essential shipping (including pleasure craft) are urged to stay about 5 kilometres clear of the summit.

The “Kick ‘em Jenny” undersea volcano has seen more than 200 micro and small earthquakes in the past 12 days,

The volcano has erupted a dozen times since 1939, when a major eruption generated a series of small tsunamis.

It is the most active volcano in the Antilles Volcanic Arc, according to the NOAA.


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