A New Addition to Grenada’s Underwater Sculpture Park


“The Nutmeg Princess” joins the park

By the Caribbean Journal staff

Grenada’s Underwater Sculpture Park has a new addition.

“The Nutmeg Princess,” a sculpture by artist Lene Kilde, is the latest sculpture in one of the world’s few underwater sculpture parks.

The work was inspired by the 1992 book The Nutmeg Princess by Grenadian author/playwright Richardo Keens-Douglas. (Above photo: Orlando K Romain)

“I am humbled,” Keens-Douglas said. “Seeing the sculpture of the Nutmeg Princess descend into the water made me feel like a child reading the book all over again! It is an honour to know that something so Grenadian and enchanting now has a home at a beautiful underwater park.”

The sculpture is now one of 100 sculptures at the park, which first debuted in 2007.

The park is an artificial reef that forms a substrate for the growth of marine life in the area.

It can be viewed by either diving, snorkeling or from a glass-bottom boat.


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