How You Can Track the Movements of Caribbean Sea Turtles


By the Caribbean Journal staff

They’re one of the treasures of the Caribbean ecosystem, but today sea turtles are critically endangered.

Thanks to the efforts of the Florida-based Sea Turtle Conservancy, though, the tide is beginning to turn.

With events like the group’s sea turtle release at the Four Seasons Nevis this week, efforts at improving awareness and promoting conservation are expanding across the region — though major challenges remain for the creatures, most notably continued poaching across the Caribbean.


Above: the movements of a turtle named “Banjo” tagged with GPS in Nevis in 2013. (Data and map © STC)

The STC goes all over the Caribbean to promote turtle conservation, regularly fitting a group of sea turtles with GPS tracking devices.

The devices help explore the still-mysterious movements of these millions-of-years-old creatures and understand where the region’s sea turtles nest.

And the regularly-updated data on a host of tracked turtles is accessible to anyone by clicking this link.

— CJ

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