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How Can the Caribbean Develop Its Own Tourism “Model?”

By Dana Niland
CJ Contributor

Tiny Singapore has managed to earn the word “model” after its name, when it comes to doing business in tourism.

So why can’t the Caribbean do the same?

That was the theme of the opening remarks by Secretary General of the Caribbean Tourism Organization Hugh Reilly at the opening of Developing Viable and Sustainable Tourism Products: The Singapore Model, a CTO workshop in Barbados.

“A destination that is really a competitor of the Caribbean – make no mistake about it, Singapore is a formidable competitor – has managed to earn the word “model” after its name,” Reilly said, pointing to its success in tourism that has drawn nearly 15 million visitors each year to the 700-square-kilometre island.

“What a tremendous accolade it would be to be known for the Caribbean model, or the Barbados model, the Villa de Rose model, The CHTA model,” Reilly said.

The speech also praised the successful tourism leaders within the region, and called for the adaptation of the aspects of business formulas that are applicable to the Caribbean’s unique circumstances.

Reilly called for enthusiasm amongst the workshop’s constituents in their mission to make the region the world’s most desirable warm-weather destination year-round.

“Be passionate; give energy to your opinions. That is the oxygen you sometimes need to make things happen.”

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