In Nevis, a Great Meal With a Catch


Above: lobster on the grill at the Four Seasons Resort Nevis

By Alexander Britell

NEVIS — There’s fresh lobster and there’s fresh lobster.

The latter is the kind where you’re there when it happens — or you know the one who caught it.

And it’s the kind you find at the Four Seasons Resort Nevis, where Executive Chef Jason Adams leads the property’s “Dine and Dive” program.

Adams helps lead guests out to Nevisian seas filled with spiny Caribbean lobsters, offering the opportunity to catch one’s own meal, using a lasso to do so and under strict conservation guidelines.

Guests then bring back their catch and then have it prepared by the property’s culinary team.

The quest culminates in a barbecue on the beach, where Adams and company prepare the lobster, season it using local herbs from the resort’s herb garden and throw them on the grill.

The result? Superb grilled lobster, tender and sweet in the way that only Caribbean lobster can be, given just the right amount of boldness by the fresh herbs. And the lobster also finds itself in a delectable Lobster Mac ‘n Cheese.

The whole thing is a very fresh idea.

Watch Adams show the best way to prepare a Caribbean lobster in the time-lapse video below. (Hint: it’s not by boiling).

— CJ


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