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A New Way to Get Local Music in Turks and Caicos

By Dana Niland
CJ Contributor

TCI Beat Records, the top music label in the TCI, unveiled its musical CD Vending Machine at the Providenciales International Airport earlier this month.

The machine holds up to 430 CDs in the racks, with 10 different local artists available for purchase, including “Caribbean Music Farm” and Island Force.

The record prices range from $5-$20 and will offer travelers the opportunity to bring unique gifts home from the island to their friends and family.

Two listening stations have been set up so guests can listen to 20 second clips of the songs with iPads and Beats by DRE headphones before purchasing.

“Music brings comfort and enlightens my day, it helps me to concentrate and it takes away all ill feelings and grey clouds,” said TCI Beat Records director Herbert Swann Jr.

TCI Beats is seeking to sign more local talent to their label, who would then collaborate with engineers and producers to create musical works that the label will then market and distribute.

“All of the new bells and whistles transform the retail experience into a fun interactive experience for our customers,” he said.

TCI Beat said they were also hoping to host a musical festival with local talent as a platform to attract international artists to their studio.

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