A New Way to Stay Fit in San Juan


Above: the Condado Plaza Hilton

By Dana Niland
CJ Contributor

San Juan’s Condado Plaza Hilton is introducing Puerto Rico’s first SURFSET surf-inspired fitness classes, the property announced.

Guests and groups can take part in the unique workout that delivers the “total body physical benefits of surfing,” according to the hotel.

The SURFSET classes, which became popular after being featured on ABC’s “Shark Tank,” are held on the resort’s lawn over-looking the Atlantic Ocean, and taught by certified SURFSET trainer and ambassador Diana Carrero.

The classes combine elements of cardio, strength, and balance training by engaging exercisers in different surfer potions such as paddling, “duck-diving,” and the core-engaging “pop-up” maneuver.

SURFEST fitness was founded by former professional hockey player Mike Hartwick, who sought to create an engaging. extreme sports workout that “could be enjoyed by anyone, anywhere, at any time of year.”

— CJ