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At the Eden Rock — St Barths Hotel, a Haven for Art

By Dana Niland
CJ Contributor

The Eden Rock – Saint Barths hotel is continuing its tradition of commitment to the arts through several new initiatives.

The hotel has partnered with the New York Academy of Arts to start a program for gifted young artists to stay on the property, while sharing their talents and providing lessons to guests.

Eden Rock’s most recent exhibit is Unknown, “a group show that explores artists as people who take risks, are seekers, and are innately comfortable with the unknown,” according to a description by the property.

Over the past few year, the hotel has also featured the works of artists including Harmony Korine, Urs Fisher, Piotr Uklanski, Richard Prince, and Will Cotton.

Art has been at the center of Eden Rock since its inception.

When its founders, David and Jane Matthews, purchased the property from its builder, Rémy de Haenen, they also received all of the artwork inside of it.

These included rare original works by Rémy’s father, Frederic de Haenen, an acclaimed war illustrator during World War I.

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