Airbnb’s Top Caribbean Markets


Above: Guadeloupe (CJ Photo)

By the Caribbean Journal staff

AirBnb recently made a high-profile move into Cuba, but the shared-economy travel giant has actually maintained a large presence in the Caribbean for some time.

But what are the company’s largest markets in the region, in terms of number of rental property listings?

Caribbean Journal ran an analysis of the region’s destinations on, and the results were interesting: Cuba shared the top spot with several destinations, with six destinations having more than 1000 rental listings on the site.

The biggest surprise could be Guadeloupe, which has long been off the radar for US travelers although quite popular with travelers from mainland France.

The 1000+ listing club included Cancun, the Dominican Republic, Guadeloupe, Jamaica and Puerto Rico.

The next largest number of listings were in Martinique, Barbados and Aruba.

See below for the full table. (Results were based on a destination keyword search by CJ used for every country/territory listed).

CJ only included territories with more than 100 listings on Airbnb.



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