In St John, a Villa with a View


By Sarah Greaves-Gabbadon
CJ Travel Editor

Villa Delfina took a full four years to build yet it takes only an instant to appreciate.

The plush interiors of this five-bedroom villa in the gated enclave of Peter Bay on St John are a feast for the eyes, but it’s this view from the patio that charmed us most. Step out onto the coral-stone landing and see the curvaceous, sand-fringed sweep of Peter Bay unfurling before you.

Descend into the cooling depths of the perfectly placed infinity pool and admire the silhouette of the British Virgin Islands in the distance. Feel trade winds kiss your shoulders as you watch cottony clouds skid silently across a Virgin Islands sky.

But perhaps the best thing about this view is what’s just out of the frame: A hot tub set into the hillside, shaded by palms yet open to the oceanfront vista.

A lawn thoughtfully furnished with a low-slung hammock for impromptu naps. And a wet bar filled with frosty libations with which to toast your luck at being in this special place.

Here’s to you, Love City!

The property can be rented through Rental Escapes.