Grenada Seeks to Bolster Relations with China


By Dana Niland
CJ Contributor

In a visit to China last week, Grenadian Foreign Affairs Minister Clarice Modeste-Curwen met with officials to discuss the advancement of her country’s representation in the country.

During her time in Beijing, Minister Modeste-Curwen met with Assistant Foreign Minister Qian Hongshang to address matters of mutual interest, including the United Nations Security Council Reform, as well as the upgrade of Grenada’s Maurice Bishop International Airport.  An improvement in travel conditions between the countries is of particular significance to China in light of the launch of its recent $2 billion (USD) Caribbean development venture, the recently-announced Grenada Resort Complex Project.

The Minister also traveled to Shanghai, where she met with potential investors in the project.

Shanghai’s local government also expressed interest in working with Grenada directly.

She also took the time to visit government offices both there and in Hong Kong, all over the course of a three-day visit.

— CJ


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