Grenada Launches Long-Term Plan For Development


Above: Grenada (CJ Photo)

By the Caribbean Journal staff

Grenada has officially launched its new long-term development plan.

The “2030 National Plan” is slated for completion by June 2016, and will soon be tabled in Parliament, according to a government statement.

The country will also be setting up a secretariat to “provide support to a steering committee and a technical working group which is responsible for creating the plan.”

“We have to be dedicated to this,” said Dr Patrick Antoine, who is part of the technical working group. “We have to have a spirit of collective progress.”

In short, the plan is for “sustainable and equitable development, sound fiscal management and sustainability, manageable debt and a smaller and efficient government, as well as private sector led growth and a world class tourism product,” according to Grenada Prime Minister Dr Keith Mitchell.

“Continued innovation and the upgrading of agriculture. Efficient light manufacturing sector .High quality market demand driven technical and vocational skills,” Mitchell added. “Lifelong learning for all citizens .High wage employment .Vibrant innovation, knowledge accumulation and dissemination. Green businesses, industries and lifestyles. A highly productive and internationally competitive export sector and a sustainable mix of traditional and renewable energy.”


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