There’s a New Way to Get Through Miami International Airport


Above: the CLEAR opening ceremony

By Sarah Greaves-Gabbadon
CJ Travel Editor

Navigating America’s most popular gateway to the Caribbean, Miami International Airport, got a little easier this morning with the launch of CLEAR, a service which promises to speed outbound passengers through Security in less than five minutes.

US citizens and permanent residents 18 and older may enroll at the airport or pre-register online to join the program, which requires verification of your identity and captures biometric data from fingerprints and iris scans. Once they’ve been approved, travelers simply present themselves at the CLEAR kiosks (currently at MIA’s concourses E and H, which both connect to all other concourses), show their CLEAR card and scan their fingers before being escorted by CLEAR staff through dedicated lanes straight to the head of the Security queue and onward to physical screening.

Unlike the TSA’s PreCheck program, which only generates the benefit of bypassing the line on a random basis, CLEAR guarantees that its members will always be whisked to the front of the Security line at the airports in which they operate ­– a welcome boon for time-pressed frequent fliers.

CLEAR operates at 11 other U.S. airports, including Orlando, San Francisco and Dallas-Fort Worth, and hopes to add six more gateways by the end of 2015. The service costs $179 per person per year and $50 for one additional family member. Children under 18 may use CLEAR lanes for free.

“We are thrilled to launch CLEAR in Miami – a city focused on growth and innovation,” said CLEAR CEO, Caryn Seidman-Becker. “Miami International Airport serves more than 40 million passengers every year, a number that will continue to increase. CLEAR and Miami International Airport are both dedicated to creating a secure and reliable travel

experience for residents and visitors, alike.”



For more information and to enroll, go to


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