Rum Journal: Finding Paradise in Tortola’s Cane Garden Bay


Above: Cane Garden Bay in Tortola (all photos by CJ)

CANE GARDEN BAY — In the heart of Beach Bar City is a place called Paradise.

It’s Paradise Club, a beach bar on the sandy stretch of Tortola called Cane Garden Bay, a beach dotted with beach bars large and small.


Paradise Club has been here in one form or another for decades, although it’s been called Paradise Club for about a year, says bartender Jen, who brought her idea for paradise down here from Vancouver.


It’s quiet and tranquil during the afternoon, though you might find a local band in the evenings or for the full moon.


This is a perfect Caribbean beach bar, with old-school reggae in the background, enough tables to hold lunch and two-for-one painkillers until sunset.

Because that’s how long you’ll want to stay.

— CJ


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