At Dreams Palm Beach Punta Cana, Rediscovering Luxury


Above: Dreams Palm Beach Punta Cana (All photos by CJ)

By Guy Britton

PUNTA CANA — If you’re a regular Caribbean Journal reader, you know … not all-inclusive resorts are created equal.

Some even have resorts within resorts, the ones that raise the level of luxury, amenities and privileges.

And here, it’s all about rediscovering luxury — the little things, the details that remind you how a resort can be great.


Dreams Palm Beach Punta Cana offers that higher level of service and luxury in their Preferred suites and rooms.


Travel is full of personal choices and luxury is subjective; but when the food is better, the service is better and the rooms and views are better, well, that’s what you find here.


The above is a Preferred Suite at the Dreams Palm Beach Punta Cana.

There are 500 rooms at this resort, which is relatively small by Punta Cana standards.


The property sits on a beautiful stretch of beach in an area called Cabeza de Toro (“Head of the Bull, for the coastline’s shape), was one of the first areas developed in Greater Punta Cana, and is still one of the favorites.

It’s just 15 minutes from Punta Cana International Airport.


Above: the on-site espresso bar

Here, it’s often the little things that make the big differences — like no all-inclusive “bracelets,” no reservations needed at the a la carte restaurants.


Above: a private room and wine cellar

Another great indicator of luxury is espresso. This place even has its own on-site espresso bar with great lattes and smiles included.

Of course, at a property in a place like this, there’s one place where the luxury really begins: the beach.


But whatever it is, there’s just a feeling that you’re always getting something more here, something beyond even traditional norms of luxury.

And you can feel it.

— CJ


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