Rum Journal: Finding a Great Lobby Bar in Santo Domingo


Above: the lobby bar at the Sheraton Santo Domingo

The lobby bar. At most hotels, it sets the tone for everything — it’s the first part of the hotel you notice.

It welcomes you. It is the central meeting point. This is where you learn what a hotel is.

That’s particularly true in a hotel in an urban area.


At the newly-opened Sheraton Santo Domingo, the lobby is simply grand.

There are high, seemingly endless ceilings, sweeping pillars, a marvelous chandelier.


And at the centre is the bar, a crisp, modern square design with a nice little rum selection, a large-screen TV perfect for watching beisbol and a towering back wall.

As with many bars in the Dominican Republic, you can’t go wrong with Barcelo Imperial, a rich, caramel-accented rum that’s remarkably refreshing.

It’s functional, but it’s also energetic.

A bit like this bar.

— CJ


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